CALL (800) 852–2806 TO PLACE AN ORDER
CALL (800) 852–2806 TO PLACE AN ORDER

South Bay Abrams is a full service company specializing in food products and a complete line of food related merchandising supplies.

We manufacture and distribute goods that help you move, process, store and display your products.

When we started, we literally worked out of a garage. Quickly we learned the importance of providing our customers with a quality product and rapid service. This concept still holds true and is the reason we've grown into the food service supply house you know today.

Our sales and customer service team has extensive experience in the food industry. We've got ex-grocers, butchers, bakers, caterers, fish guys, deli managers and independent shop owners. All here to help provide you with useful information.

We want you to know we take our commitment to "Old Fashioned Sudden Service" seriously and truly value your business.

Thank you for your support!